4 Columns Wooden Money Box with Custom Pattern Printed

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1. What is your minimum order quantity? * Usually 600pcs. We can negotiate with you according to your exact situation. 2. Do you provide OEM,ODM service ? * Yes. We also have professional designers to help you. 3. How about your products’ quality? * We have our own factory so that we can check the production status at any time. We can provide pictures during and after production. You can also arrange inspection. 4. What’s your method of payment? * We spport 30% in advance and 70% balance.  5. Do you provide samples? *Yes. We also support customization of samples. The sample cost can be refunded when you place an order.


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Warm piggy bank: Skillfully combines the shape of house with the piggy bank. Like other ordinary piggy banks, there are four slots on the top of the piggy bank, which can put money into them. But what makes it special is that it has four columns and four slots at the same time. Customers can reasonably plan the use of these four columns.   Retro box-type piggy bank: The piggy bank is made of MDF wood and glass. It adopts the shape of home, and black and wooden color gives it a retro style.   Creative piggy piggy bank: The main function of the small wooden box is to save money. There are four slots at the top of the piggy bank, which can save money. In addition, there are four holes at the bottom, which allows users to take out money after filling up. Transparent glass is on the front of the box, which can help users easily know how much money to save. And we support silk screen printing patterns and letters on the glass so that customers can plan the use of the savings frame. In addition, this design makes it a small cabinet where you can store some small decorations.   Exquisite decoration: with exquisite craftsmanship and unique design, the piggy bank looks like a delicate wooden box, which not only saves money, but also can store other items. It can be easily matched with other small ornaments such as LED stripe lights or dolls. If placed in a suitable place, it can be delicate decoration.

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